Friday, August 7, 2009

Buc-ee's #1

We left today to travel from one G-town to another. Let me tell you about our only stop along the way. 88 miles before we saw the storefront above, we saw the billboards. 

"Texas' most famous restrooms."
"World famous beef jerkey."
"Jerky. Eat it. Don't drive that way."

We were not familiar with Buck-ee's, but we knew we would be making a stop. If the bathrooms were that famous, why had we not heard of them? We did not know, but did not care. We just knew if they were billed as 'Texas most famous' they could not be too bad, right?

They were nice. Before going into the restrooms we were greeted by a robot of a criminal behind bars. I don't really know why. I tried not to look directly at him. All in all the restrooms were large and CLEAN. I was surprised to see a hand sanitizer beside each urinal. Do you use the Germ-X before or after you use the bathroom? Is it just for those that may not want to wash their hands at the sink? I could have asked the attendant on duty, but again I tried not to look directly at him.

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