Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NOW: Bags


Would that be bags as in suitcases?  Maybe bags as in swollen or puffy eyes from too little sleep?  Actually it refers to both. 

This morning mr. and mrs. mil10 awoke to find their eyes giving away the fact that they had stayed up much too late.  Amazingly, mrs. mil10's eyes looked considerably better although she, by far, had the smaller amount of sleep.  Here's hoping that tomorrow finds us looking a little more rested.

Tonight we can say that our bags are packed and ready to go.  That really makes me want to sing.  Our suitcases are ready for a little road trip.  Updates will be forthcoming.

As for the daily posts of NOW, I hope you have enjoyed the daily happenings of the mil10s.  Now you know what we were doing on the very day of the post.  As for this NaBloPoMo challenge, I guess I can say that it is NOW in the bag.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NOW: Lights Out


I am sorry for the temporary blindness and slight discomfort that resulted from meeting me or being followed by me on the road tonight.  I do not make it a habit to drive around town with my bright lights, or high beams, on.  However, tonight it was simply unavoidable.  When faced with driving at night with a choice of only high beams or no beams, I hope you will understand my choice in using the blinding lights.  Since the problem is more than just a case of a bad bulb, the garage is ordering a part that will once allow both headlights to work correctly.  Since the part is on back order, it may be a few days.  In the meantime I will try to keep all driving at nighttime to a minimum.  When it is absolutely necessary to drive around town after nightfall, I will try stay off of the main roads or only drive when there are fewer people out and about.  So you don't have to flash your lights at me anymore--I am aware of the problem and am working towards correcting it.  Thank you for your understanding!


Monday, June 28, 2010

NOW: Vampire Bites

It seemed like an easy task.  Make cookie dough using red food coloring.  Add sprinkles.  Bake.  Add Snickers candy and icing.

However, it was just a little bit more difficult.  After making on batch of dough from scratch, we decided that one batch would simply not be enough.  We opted to do a second batch using the "quick" version of using a pre-made package of sugar cookie dough.  Let's just say that using the pre-made sugar cookie dough just didn't give the desired result.  Those cookies looked more like a red gremlin ears than pairs of lips.  We gave EK one of the cookies from this batch, but he politely excused himself from finishing the entire thing.

The cookies made from scratch cooked like real cookies and even smelled good coming out of the oven.  We'll find out how they taste tomorrow.
The finished product.

We made a cookie snake with the last portion of homemade cookie dough.  EK said it tasted strange when he ate it.  I told him it tasted like a gingerbread cookie.  I don't know if it was supposed to, but I am going to blame that on the cinnamon.
mrs. mil10 will have a fun time watching the new Twilight movie with her friends tomorrow night.  Let's just hope the cookies add a nice element to the evening instead of leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth!  Of course we could always make our other vampire cookies again!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

NOW: Pack it In

This weekend we packed in the activities.  Over the three day weekend we went to Dallas, shopped, watched a movie, and ate at several of our favorite places.  All in all, it was busy and we accomplished a lot.  We may not have really done anything out of the ordinary, but we did have good times with the family!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

NOW: Feeling Full

An evening of eating out leaves a full (and messy) feeling  when you eat as much crab as EK did tonight!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

NOW: I Wonder as I Wander

I really wasn't wandering.  I was walking with purpose.  Tonight was the first night since Father's Day that I was able to use the Nike+iPod device to help track, monitor and provide feedback for walking. 
The small sensor (left) goes in the shoe and the receiver (right) connects to the iPod.  Then a friendly voice tells you how you are doing on your exercising.  "You are halfway there!" "100 yards to go!"  "1.5 miles complete."  After my walk, the data (speed, distance, etc.) is sent to a website and I can track all of my walks.  I am already looking forward to using it more!

As I was walking through the neighborhood tonight (all the while hoping the lightning would not get any closer than it already was) I noticed something strange. Three, count them, three houses were using TVs in their garages.  Now in our old neighborhood, there was one house where the owners did the same thing.  But there it was because the older man used the garage as a shop and watched TV while he was working in the garage.  In the all of the garages tonight they were just sitting there in chairs watching TV.  Sometimes it was someone alone, sometimes it was more than one person. 

Now I started wondering?  If I wasn't working in the garage, why would I find myself watching TV there?  Is there anything on TV that becomes that more enjoyable because you sit next to your car to watch while you are in the garage?  Are there no extra hookups in the house so they resorted to using one in the garage?  My home builder did not put a TV connection in my garage.  Was that an upgrade or a do-it-yourself addition?  Does having a TV in the garage help with resale value?  I would not think so.  Are there more homes in the neighborhood watching TV in the garage and I didn't see them?  Are they on the cutting edge of a trend that has so far eluded the mil10 home?  Is watching TV in the garage one of those things that you should not knock until you have tried it?  However, I think from having to eat too many meals in garages during family get togethers that I would have enough basis to form an opinion that TV viewing in the garage would be slightly less than desirable.

I really do wonder why someone would enjoy watching TV in the garage instead of from inside the comforts of their home, but not enough to try it myself!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NOW: Wednesday WOW Night

Tonight was WOW night!  We don't usually have a specific night we call WOW night or a particular occasion that justifies the term, but we'll use it to describe tonight.

The mil10s decided to eat at a local popular Tex-Mex restaurant tonight.  Try to contain your surprise.  You always manage to see a few people you know while dining and tonight was no different.  While we were sitting in our booth, a couple stopped to say hello.  Just a quick chat really.  One of those how-are-you-doing-how-old-is-he-now-wow- he-has-grown-look-at-that-blond-hair conversations.  It had been a while and it was good to run into them again.  Later, our waitress told us that the couple we had been talking to a few minutes ago took care of our bill for us and we wouldn't owe anything for our meal.  Wow!  What a surprise.

After dinner, Grams came over and kept EK while mr. and mrs. mil10 made a spur of the moment trip to the movies.  Tonight's movie of choice was "Knight and Day."  It was a fun movie with plenty of action and a few surprises.  It might just make you say, "Wow!"

Finally, the mil10 blog fell short of blogging every day this month.  Yesterday was a miss, mainly due the exhaustion that resulted after a day of painting the office.  Thanks to the help of three other people, we can now appreciate the front office and its new coat of paint.  My legs, on the other hand, still do not appreciate the fact that I spent so much time climbing up and down the ladder.  Since Monday's post showed up twice due to a technical glitch, I think it all evens out in the end.  Right?

Monday, June 21, 2010

NOW: Monday Movie Night

Right now the mil10 guys are having Monday movie night on the couch!

NOW: Monday Movie Night

Right now the mil10 guys are having Monday movie night on the couch.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

NOW: Father's Day

Father's Day came a little early this year.  On Saturday, mrs. mil10 and ek made mini "grills" with glowing embers and hot dogs made with brownies, icing, and hot tamale candy!

Today started a little later than the average Sunday morning.  Since we went to Saturday night church last night, we decided we would sleep in and make it just in time for Sunday School.

Before heading out for our usual Sunday morning stop at the doughnut shop, EK and mrs. mil10 presented mr. mil10 with gifts (Nike + iPod Sport Kit, picture frame, and a book).  After church, we went out to eat with Peeps, Meems, and Modie.

Later that afternoon we went out for a matinĂ©e viewing of Prince of Persia.  It was the second time for EK and mr. mil10, but the first time for mrs. mil10 to see the movie.

All in all, it was a fun day with family!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

NOW: Closing out the Season

We closed out the baseball season with an end of year party today.  The team planned a day at a lake for fishing, swimming, and camping.  If you know the mil10s, then you know that is not how we usually spend our free time.  We did, however, go and had a great time.  It was a fun way to wrap up a great season.  Go White Sox!

mr. mil10 decorated the cupcakes.  This is about half of them.  It seemed like cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes.

First thing on the party agenda: swim.  Here they are venturing into the water.

mrs. mil10 does not understand why mr. mil10 likes to take pictures of signs.

We sat under a shade tree while the players and coaches swam.  Sitting there, listening to the waves come on shore, it almost sounded like sitting on the beach.  The roar of the waves just wasn't loud enough though.

EK really liked being thrown into the air.

Standing on the bank of the lake.

When not swimming, the boys took turns riding bikes.

Look!  Another sign leading to the fishing pier.

"2010 Tri-County Baseball League.  Coach Pitch Division.  First Place"

On the way home, mr. mil10 commented that there must have been some debris on the floor mat.  Then he thought there must be something stuck to his shoe.  He was thinking along the lines of a rock or something sticky.  Look closely and you will see the hook that was in his heel.  Thankfully it found the shoe and not someone's bare foot.

Friday, June 18, 2010

NOW: Ready or Not, Here We Come!

At least we were ready to see the movie.

We had free passes to see a movie at Studio Movie Grill. We thought today would be a great day to go see Toy Story 3. The person at the ticket counter said our passes were not good on opening weekend. We would have to wait until Monday to use them if we were going to see TS3. Instead of opting to see another movie with our free passes, we decided to go ahead and pay for our tickets so we could see the final chapter in the Toy Story trilogy on opening day.

Since we were watching the movie at Studio Movie Grill, we had to order food and drinks. Sometime after the drinks arrived, but before the food was served the previews started. However, there was one small problem. There was no sound. Well, there was some sound. Put an index finger in each ear to plug the sound. Now momentarily remove your fingers, only to immediately reinsert the fingers into your ears. Hold it. Hold it. Again, momentarily remove your fingers, but then immediately reinsert your fingers. That is what is sounded like while the previews played. Soon our food arrived, but not the sound. The short (cartoon before the movie) started and played in its entirety without sound. The technicians continued working the the booth above us, but were unable to resolve the problem. When the actual movie started playing without sound, we really knew we were headed for trouble. Eventually the movie was paused as they continued to work on the sound. Now at this point we should have been about 30 minutes into the movie. The manager said that they would be unable to show Toy Story 3 due to the technical difficulties. Bummer. But, he said the food was on them and they would be refunding the cost of the tickets. As a bonus surprise, we were given movie passes to come back to another movie at no cost. Thank you, Studio Movie Grill!

So let's review: We didn't use our passes. The tickets we bought were refunded. The food we ate was given to us at no cost. We also received another set of free passes to come again. Not a bad deal. In fact, despite the hassle of it all, it seemed like we still came out winners.  What were we to do now?  Easy.  Drive to another theater and see the movie!

After a short drive down the road, we were now ready to see Toy Story 3.  Sure our passes didn't work here, but we already had a free lunch!  Now, on with the show!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

NOW: Reading

It may be summer, but EK has spent about thirty minutes every day reading.  Tonight EK read on his own for thirty minutes.  He was reading a chapter book from Hometown's public library.

After EK finished reading by himself, mr. mil10 read to him from another library book.  Shoeless Joe & Black Betsy, written by Phil Bildner and illustrated by C. F. Payne, was an enjoyable read that explained Shoeless Joe's quest for the perfect bat as he journeyed from amateur baseball player all the way to playing in the majors.  Written in a kid-friendly format, it left the more rigid biographical details to the afterward.  You don't have to be a baseball fan to enjoy the story so go check it out--we have to return it to the library tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NOW: What's for Dinner

One of mrs. mil10's coworkers was selling meals as a church fundraiser.  Chicken flautas, rice, refried beans, salsa (all from scratch!), and chips from Hometown's tortilla factory.

I actually didn't eat the Colombian chocolate bar.  It was actually brought back from South America by Aunt K as a gift for EK.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NOW: Home-cooked

It is not everyday we have a home-cooked meal at the mil10 house.  In fact, it is really rare when we do cook at home.  I'll be the first to admit that we we eat out much more often than others, but when find ourselves eating at home, it is something that usually does not involve the stove or oven.

Tonight was an exception.  Whole-grain spaghetti with meat sauce, warm garlic bread, and sweet tea.  Mmmm!  Of course the sauce may have come from a jar and the garlic bread came may have been from the frozen food section.  The sweet tea just might have come from a local restaurant.  Nonetheless, we used the oven and the stove tonight. 

We'll just call that a home-cooked meal!

Monday, June 14, 2010

NOW: County Fair

Tonight we ventured to the county fair. I suppose since Hometown is the county seat, we are fortunate to have the county fair close at hand!

EK entered several pictures in the creative arts contest again this year.  Last year's entries can be viewed here.  EK's artwork this year consisted of several paintings, one piece that utilized markers, and one photograph.  This year, he was at the youngest end of his age category.  However, each entry still received a ribbon.  In all there were five First Place ribbons and one Excellent ribbon.  Way to go, EK!

 "My Dog Savy"

 "The Cobra"

 "Fourth of July"

"Awkward Indian"

 "The Fat Chick"

 "The Mighty Minotaur"

Today is also Flag Day.  At the fairgrounds a Flag Day ceremony featured local citizens, the mayor, and the Elks club.  Not only did we say the Pledge of Allegiance, but sang "The Star Spangled Banner" and "You're a Grand Old Flag."  Despite the hot conditions, it was a nice ceremony.

The music was lead by HTBC's own Steve Payne!

Hometown's mayor.  "I shook his hand," EK reminded us.

The Elks presented a visual and oral history of the past American flags.

"You're a grand old flag,
You're a high flying flag
And forever in peace may you wave.
You're the emblem of
The land I love.
The home of the free and the brave."

Thanks for the memories, county fair!  See you next year!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

NOW: Family Movie Night

In preparation of Friday's release of Toy Story 3, the mil10s spent the evening watching Toy Story I and II on television tonight. 

During one point EK decided that he wanted his Woody.  Little did we know that it would result in an ongoing search over three commercial breaks.  Have no fear, Woody was found at the bottom of a toy box. 

I don't know if our chihuahua Savy was too happy that Woody was found.  EK attempted to prop Woody atop Savy for a ride across the living room.  It was not successful, but Savy was very patient through the whole process.

We are now ready to see the latest chapter in the Toy Story franchise!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

NOW: Wicked

Just as good seeing it the second time!

Friday, June 11, 2010

NOW: Home, Sweet Home

As fun as it is to travel, it is always good to be home.  Tonight mr. mil10 returned from a work trip in Austin, Texas.  Upon his return, the mil10s went to see The Karate Kid.  It was a good movie, and in some ways improved upon the original.  However, in some ways, you just can't beat a classic.  We finished the night with a meal on On The Border's patio.

It is good to be home with the family!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

NOW: Movies at a Bargain

Tonight mr. mil10 passed as a "student" at the movie theater.

All the movie for only part of the price! What's not to love?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NOW: Sights on the Road

It is always fun to travel.  Hitting the open road can help one to experience new sights and adventures. These are two sights from today's ride in the front passenger seat.

Driving in the rain really makes it dificult to take in any new sights.  In addition, it can make it hard to appreciate those things that are more familiar. The Czech Stop, for example, should have been a destination this morning, but concentrating on driving in the rain was more important.  Maybe we'll have fresh baked goods on the way home.

The second picture is of a man that shows us how to multitask. Driving.  Smoking.  Reading.  Breathing quasi-fresh air through the hole that used to be a back window.  My cell phone doesn't have a zoom lens and I didn't want to be really obvious that I was taking his picture. Hopefully you can see all that he was doing.

Enjoy the open road and take time to enjoy the sights!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NOW: Baseball Tournament

Tonight is game one of EK's baseball tournament.  It has been a good season.  We have won many of our games, although the exact number escapes us right now.  At times the games were heated and some plays were disputed.  If you ask me, and no one did, some people take it way too seriously.  We, however, are just here for the athletic opportunities for EK.  Ha ha.

Play ball!

Monday, June 7, 2010

NOW: Lego Time

Tonight EK and mrs. mil10 spent two hours watching Expedition Great White on the National Geographic channel.  

EK thought he needed a Lego ship so he could hunt for sharks (or a Lego shark man).  He worked with mr. mil10 to build the ship above.  Just like the ship on the show, his has a moving platform.

It must have passed the test since he wanted to play with it all night!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

NOW: Backyard Catastophe

The pictures are from Memorial Day.  The events happened tonight.

It was supposed to be a chance to spend some time in the backyard.  The tiki torches were lit.  EK was going to play in the water sprinkler.  mrs. mil10 was going to read on the hammock.  That was the plan.

mr. mil10 watered the flowers on the porch.

While the sprinkler watered the new plants in the flowerbed...

...EK ran through the water.

mr. mil10 thought he would go sit on the hammock with mrs. mil10.  Bad idea.  The hammock is a bit weathered.  It has been in our backyard for a few seasons.  Just a few days ago we both sat in the hammock, but not today.  When mr. mil10 joined, the ropes of the hammock began to snap.  Snap. Snap. Snap.  It is amazing how a few broken ropes render a hammock totally useless!

At least EK got to enjoy playing the the sprinkler.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

NOW: Eating Out

The setting was a peaceful as it looks. 

Tonight we had the pleasure of meeting a few friends from church at a restaurant that was new to us.  It specialized in seafood and even had an area for fishing. 

Before everyone arrived the mil10s kicked back and sat in rocking chairs on the oversized covered porch.  Even though the temperature was nearly 100 degrees, it was still very nice and comfortable.

As an appetizer we enjoyed beans, corn fritters (more like cornbread than the corn nuggets I was hoping for), and a little tomato relish. mr. mil10 and EK shared the crab legs and fried shrimp meal.  mrs. mil10 ordered the pulled pork served on a toasted, buttered bun.  Good food with good company makes for a great night!

After eating EK was eager to fish.  A friend helped EK with baiting and releasing the fish he caught.  In all, he caught ten.  We think one of the fish was actually the same fish caught twice, but we are still going to call it ten!

Friday, June 4, 2010

NOW: Sweet Tea Goodness

Tonight mr. and mrs. mil10 enjoyed a sweet tea goodness.  No, it's probably not too good for us, but it does taste so good on a hot summer day (yes, I can call them summer days now!).

Our favorite sweet tea would have to be from Chicken Express.  mr. mil10 is picky about tea, because it usually tastes like boiled grass.  Even if it is boiled leaves, it does not have to taste exactly like it.  However, you can always count on Chicken Express to have great tasting tea!

Do you have a favorite place for sweet tea?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

NOW: Almost There

The mess that is spreading in the Gulf of Mexico has been on my mind today.  Before I left for work today I saw where the journalist on Good Morning America was broadcasting only a short stretch from the pier on Pensacola Beach.  Just about a year ago the mil10s spent summer break resting on that very beach.  In fact it was because we liked our visit in 2008 so much that we decided we would return again in 2009.  Oil could soon begin washing ashore.  Reports say that the oil sheen is only 4 to six miles offshore at this time.

Right now I'll have to remember our visits to Pensacola Beach before the oil came ashore.  The fun we had.  The beautiful beaches.  The friendly people.  Eating out. 

I can even look at the sand and shell collection that we made with what we found on the beach and brought home.

Right now I will have to think about how nice this destination was and hope for the best for the "world's whitest beaches."