Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's Visit the County Fair!

When I think of the annual county fair, many things come to mind:
  • animals - As hard as I try, viewing of the animals has never elicited a strong emotional response from me as it does with the other mil10s. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the industries and work that goes into getting my food from the field to my table, but I cannot see it as a hobby in this modern age. Here a cow, there a cow, every where a cow cow. Not for me.
  • food - The food always looks and smells so appealing. Perhaps it is due to the glow of the flashing yellow bug lights. Fresh lemonade. Funnel cakes. Yum!
  • carnies - I am weirded out a bit. I hate to stereotype, so I am going to say only one word-carnies. I will leave it at that.
Last week the mil10s helped to open the county fair. Yes, "Fair Boss" was there to greet us when we entered. No, it may not be as impressive as seeing Big Tex when you enter the state fair, but is a fair tradition.

Our primary reason for venturing to this year's fair was to see some of EK's work that had been entered in the Creative Arts competition. This was our first year to submit his artwork for judging at the fair. Originally, we were going to enter one, maybe two, pieces. Then we decided to enter four. The sunset picture that went to the state level of Creative Arts was a sure entry. The other three were pieces that EK worked on during art lessons.

We had no idea of what to expect. We even talked to EK about the possibility that his pictures might not be recognized. However, we were pleased to see...
"The Chubby Pig" - Superior Ribbon

"The Colorful Parrot" - First Place Ribbon and Superior Ribbon

"Sunset" - Excellent Ribbon

"Three Chinese Men" - First Place Ribbon and Superior Ribbon

Way to go, EK! Here is one picture of EK riding the rolling cylinder in the fun house. It was his only ride of the night. $3!!!

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