Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pulling Another Tooth

Last night I returned from San Antonio. I was worn out from the drive. We didn't really get home until about 8:30. I was glad to be home with my family.

EK has been trying to pull his seventh tooth this week. His first goal was to have it out by Father's Day. When he didn't meet that goal, he wanted to have it out before I returned from my trip. He didn't make that goal either.

He was not going to give up. Not too many minutes after getting home, it was time for me to help him pull the tooth. This time I really coached him through it and he was the one doing all of the work.

Now I present to you pictures from the event.

This was before we really got started. See, everyone is smiling.

EK hard at work. He does not enjoy pulling teeth AT ALL!

Is that a smile? It has to be! Seven years old and seven teeth out.

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