Monday, June 1, 2009

Play Ball!

Saturday was a busy day for the mil10s. EK was in a midday baseball game. EK hit a single, enabling two other players to run home. Our team was victorious. Now there are only two games remaining in the season.

Following the game we met up with the Davis family to head to another ballpark, the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Again, our team was victorious.

Before the game we enjoyed a concert by Casting Crowns. This is our third time to see them perform live. They were great, again.

Enjoy these photos from our time at the Ballpark.

Even before the concert began, a few thousand people had already arrived to listen to Casting Crowns.

It really seemed that we were closer than it appears in this picture. The camera we had with us did not have a very good zoom.

Everyone loves a tattoo, right?

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