Saturday, June 19, 2010

NOW: Closing out the Season

We closed out the baseball season with an end of year party today.  The team planned a day at a lake for fishing, swimming, and camping.  If you know the mil10s, then you know that is not how we usually spend our free time.  We did, however, go and had a great time.  It was a fun way to wrap up a great season.  Go White Sox!

mr. mil10 decorated the cupcakes.  This is about half of them.  It seemed like cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes.

First thing on the party agenda: swim.  Here they are venturing into the water.

mrs. mil10 does not understand why mr. mil10 likes to take pictures of signs.

We sat under a shade tree while the players and coaches swam.  Sitting there, listening to the waves come on shore, it almost sounded like sitting on the beach.  The roar of the waves just wasn't loud enough though.

EK really liked being thrown into the air.

Standing on the bank of the lake.

When not swimming, the boys took turns riding bikes.

Look!  Another sign leading to the fishing pier.

"2010 Tri-County Baseball League.  Coach Pitch Division.  First Place"

On the way home, mr. mil10 commented that there must have been some debris on the floor mat.  Then he thought there must be something stuck to his shoe.  He was thinking along the lines of a rock or something sticky.  Look closely and you will see the hook that was in his heel.  Thankfully it found the shoe and not someone's bare foot.

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