Friday, June 4, 2010

NOW: Sweet Tea Goodness

Tonight mr. and mrs. mil10 enjoyed a sweet tea goodness.  No, it's probably not too good for us, but it does taste so good on a hot summer day (yes, I can call them summer days now!).

Our favorite sweet tea would have to be from Chicken Express.  mr. mil10 is picky about tea, because it usually tastes like boiled grass.  Even if it is boiled leaves, it does not have to taste exactly like it.  However, you can always count on Chicken Express to have great tasting tea!

Do you have a favorite place for sweet tea?


  1. I, like mr. mil10, am very particular about my sweet tea and tend to be easily disappointed with I realize I have received the "bottom of the pitcher" as I call it.
    I am personally a Chick Fil A Sweet Tea fan...but honestly, that is probably simply due to the convience of the location. I typically go about once a day:)

  2. The only place to get sweet tea IS, Chicken Express! We have one in our small town. Even though it's filled with shady looking, probably on drugs, employees,I could really care less. I'd drive a good distance for yalls tea.