Sunday, June 6, 2010

NOW: Backyard Catastophe

The pictures are from Memorial Day.  The events happened tonight.

It was supposed to be a chance to spend some time in the backyard.  The tiki torches were lit.  EK was going to play in the water sprinkler.  mrs. mil10 was going to read on the hammock.  That was the plan.

mr. mil10 watered the flowers on the porch.

While the sprinkler watered the new plants in the flowerbed...

...EK ran through the water.

mr. mil10 thought he would go sit on the hammock with mrs. mil10.  Bad idea.  The hammock is a bit weathered.  It has been in our backyard for a few seasons.  Just a few days ago we both sat in the hammock, but not today.  When mr. mil10 joined, the ropes of the hammock began to snap.  Snap. Snap. Snap.  It is amazing how a few broken ropes render a hammock totally useless!

At least EK got to enjoy playing the the sprinkler.

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