Thursday, June 24, 2010

NOW: I Wonder as I Wander

I really wasn't wandering.  I was walking with purpose.  Tonight was the first night since Father's Day that I was able to use the Nike+iPod device to help track, monitor and provide feedback for walking. 
The small sensor (left) goes in the shoe and the receiver (right) connects to the iPod.  Then a friendly voice tells you how you are doing on your exercising.  "You are halfway there!" "100 yards to go!"  "1.5 miles complete."  After my walk, the data (speed, distance, etc.) is sent to a website and I can track all of my walks.  I am already looking forward to using it more!

As I was walking through the neighborhood tonight (all the while hoping the lightning would not get any closer than it already was) I noticed something strange. Three, count them, three houses were using TVs in their garages.  Now in our old neighborhood, there was one house where the owners did the same thing.  But there it was because the older man used the garage as a shop and watched TV while he was working in the garage.  In the all of the garages tonight they were just sitting there in chairs watching TV.  Sometimes it was someone alone, sometimes it was more than one person. 

Now I started wondering?  If I wasn't working in the garage, why would I find myself watching TV there?  Is there anything on TV that becomes that more enjoyable because you sit next to your car to watch while you are in the garage?  Are there no extra hookups in the house so they resorted to using one in the garage?  My home builder did not put a TV connection in my garage.  Was that an upgrade or a do-it-yourself addition?  Does having a TV in the garage help with resale value?  I would not think so.  Are there more homes in the neighborhood watching TV in the garage and I didn't see them?  Are they on the cutting edge of a trend that has so far eluded the mil10 home?  Is watching TV in the garage one of those things that you should not knock until you have tried it?  However, I think from having to eat too many meals in garages during family get togethers that I would have enough basis to form an opinion that TV viewing in the garage would be slightly less than desirable.

I really do wonder why someone would enjoy watching TV in the garage instead of from inside the comforts of their home, but not enough to try it myself!

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  1. We have three TVs in our garage...but none of them are plugged in.
    I've also often wondered about this phenomenon in our neighborhood. Maybe they're keeping an eye out for the crazy lady who steals plants...