Thursday, June 3, 2010

NOW: Almost There

The mess that is spreading in the Gulf of Mexico has been on my mind today.  Before I left for work today I saw where the journalist on Good Morning America was broadcasting only a short stretch from the pier on Pensacola Beach.  Just about a year ago the mil10s spent summer break resting on that very beach.  In fact it was because we liked our visit in 2008 so much that we decided we would return again in 2009.  Oil could soon begin washing ashore.  Reports say that the oil sheen is only 4 to six miles offshore at this time.

Right now I'll have to remember our visits to Pensacola Beach before the oil came ashore.  The fun we had.  The beautiful beaches.  The friendly people.  Eating out. 

I can even look at the sand and shell collection that we made with what we found on the beach and brought home.

Right now I will have to think about how nice this destination was and hope for the best for the "world's whitest beaches."

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