Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NOW: Fashion Statement

EK decided to wear socks with his flip-flops when we visited Uncle Justin's house tonight. 

It made me think of the days when we used to wear socks with our sandals when we were in high school.  By the time this particular fad came into play, we had long since passed the days of "tight rolling" our jeans and I am pretty sure we had stopped rolling up our t-shirt sleeves.  Seriously.  What were we thinking?  Try rolling up the sleeves on every shirt you wear for the rest of the week and see if anyone notices you.  They might just think you are a trend setter. 

Back to the story at hand...  We popped into Uncle Justin's house for just a minute.  When he noticed EK's particular fashion statement, he took him down the hall and gave him something--his very own pair of tabi (足袋), Japanese flip-flop socks!  His new socks are complete with a picture of a person wearing a kimono and an umbrella.  Don't ask me why the person is frowning.  EK sure wasn't.  "These really are more comfortable than normal socks and flip-flops," he said.

Thanks, Uncle Justin for the new socks!

Please Stand Clear of the Doors is back for another month of daily blogging!  Nablopomo's theme for the month is NOW, so I feel pretty confident that it is a topic that I can write about pretty easily.  See you tomorrow!

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  1. I think the guy on the socks is frowning because he realizes what a horrible fashion statement he is making! How could you let EK have those lol they need somewhere and never come back, ya know, like the robot jacket.. Or maybe they could trade places with the robot jacket. It was actually cool, but these socks.. Hmmm, I'm trying to think of what words to use to describe them, but I can't think of any.. Maybe the next time i come over, I'll sneak em out of the house hahaha