Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NOW: Sights on the Road

It is always fun to travel.  Hitting the open road can help one to experience new sights and adventures. These are two sights from today's ride in the front passenger seat.

Driving in the rain really makes it dificult to take in any new sights.  In addition, it can make it hard to appreciate those things that are more familiar. The Czech Stop, for example, should have been a destination this morning, but concentrating on driving in the rain was more important.  Maybe we'll have fresh baked goods on the way home.

The second picture is of a man that shows us how to multitask. Driving.  Smoking.  Reading.  Breathing quasi-fresh air through the hole that used to be a back window.  My cell phone doesn't have a zoom lens and I didn't want to be really obvious that I was taking his picture. Hopefully you can see all that he was doing.

Enjoy the open road and take time to enjoy the sights!

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