Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NOW: Bags


Would that be bags as in suitcases?  Maybe bags as in swollen or puffy eyes from too little sleep?  Actually it refers to both. 

This morning mr. and mrs. mil10 awoke to find their eyes giving away the fact that they had stayed up much too late.  Amazingly, mrs. mil10's eyes looked considerably better although she, by far, had the smaller amount of sleep.  Here's hoping that tomorrow finds us looking a little more rested.

Tonight we can say that our bags are packed and ready to go.  That really makes me want to sing.  Our suitcases are ready for a little road trip.  Updates will be forthcoming.

As for the daily posts of NOW, I hope you have enjoyed the daily happenings of the mil10s.  Now you know what we were doing on the very day of the post.  As for this NaBloPoMo challenge, I guess I can say that it is NOW in the bag.

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