Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun with Friends, Foam, and Food


Saturday was a day with friends. 

We spent the afternoon with EK's basketball team at a local gymnastic center.  All of the equipment was open for use by the children.  Of course a few of the adults had to test their gymnastic abilities as well.  By far the most fun was had in the foam pit.  With great determination, mrs. mil10 finally made it out of the pit.  Don't let yourself think this is necessarily an easy task!  mr. mil10's time in the pit resulted in a wet sock.  Gross!  There are some places that you just hope don't cause your socks to get wet.  Public restrooms, dressing rooms, Chuck E. Cheese ball pits, and now a foam pit.  I don't know what was at the bottom of the pit, but I am not going to find out.  The wet sock soon found itself at the bottom of a trash can.

After leaving the basketball party we headed out for game night with friends.  The menu for food was "build your own sandwiches."  The menu for fun was Wii, including New Super Mario Bros. and MarioKart. A great time was had by the adults and the children!

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