Monday, August 2, 2010

Hotter than a Ham Sandwich!

One summer at youth camp we had a camp pastor that used the expression "hotter than a ham sandwich" to describe the uncomfortably hot weather. That was the first time I had ever heard anyone use that saying to describe the heat.  This may or may not have been before the days of an air conditioned worship center at our camp facility. I can't remember for sure because every memory of camp involves sweating.  Anyway, back to the ham sandwich. I can't say it is an expression that I have ever heard many other people use, nor have I tried to incorporate it into my list of commonly used phrases.  Even when searching for it on google to see if anyone actually uses the expression I only found three references, one of which was on a blog written by a fellow Texan.  This afternoon was different and I found an appropriate setting to use the saying.

August in Texas is usually known as a very hot time of year. Since we are currently going through a little heat wave with near record highs several days this week, I was expecting it to be pretty hot when I stepped into my truck this afternoon. However, I wasn't expecting the thermometer to register quite so high. I think today would be a good day to say it is hotter than a ham sandwich!

116 degrees, even if from the slightly inaccurate truck thermometer, is just too hot for a vehicle that has been sitting in a parking lot!

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