Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Jiggle Butt Run

Yesterday was a big day for the mil10s.  Grams, Aunt K, mrs. mil10, and Auntie M signed up for their first 5K.  Inspired by Denyse, Elizabeth, and Paige, the mil10 girls thought signing up for a 5K would be a fun motivator for exercising.  The Jiggle Butt Run is a 5K run /walk for women and girls.  No men allowed.  The money raised benefited Safe Haven Women's Shelter.

Team Huffin' and Puffin' is now complete

Getting ready to start

mrs. mil10 picked up the team sign that was posted along the route and carried it through the remainder of the race

Cooling down after the race

mrs. mil10s race number

This race number is hopefully the first in a collection of race numbers.  since mr. mil10 was only there to drive and cheer, he is looking forward to a future 5K event as well.  Who knows where it could go from here!

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