Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pre-wraped Potatoes

Thank you, Walmart for wrapping these potatoes in aluminum foil. Thanks for saving me a few minutes in my quest to quickly prepare a baked potato meal!

However, the more I think about these foil-clad potatoes, a few questions have started entering my mind.

Was this done as a deterrent for the birds that oftentimes are found flying through your store? I guess not, or there would be more produce that had been wrapped in aluminum.  

I hope you didn't do it to disguise a potato that might be less than desirable. Seeing them in the pile does make me wonder how you continue to monitor the quality of the potatoes once they are wrapped. I know it must be time consuming to unwrap each potato one by one to make sure each one meets that high level of freshness that you demand from your grocery items, only to rewrap it once more if it is still deemed to be worthy. I must say that I would hate to be the person to take home a pre-wrapped potato only to see that it is covered in "eyes" that are looking back at me. It is a spud, not a science project, that I want to purchase. 

Perhaps wrapping the potatoes in foil prolongs their shelf life. If that is the case, would wrapping myself in foil keep me looking better, younger, or healthier? 

I would ask if I should unwrap the spud at home to wash it then wrap it again before the potato is baked, but I think I already know the answer to that question. Yes, now I have an extra step in potato prep. So much for being a time saving measure.

I don't really know if wrapping the potatoes is a new service or something that you have always done. Maybe I have just not been very observant.  Regardless, it does seem odd to me. The more I have thought about these special spuds, the next time I get ready to buy potatoes I think I will stick to the potatoes that are sold by the bag--a transparent bag, might I add--or those that are sold individually.

Thank you Walmart for always making shopping interesting.

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