Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today was an unusual day. mr. mil10 had the day off from school while mrs. mil10 and EK had school as usual.

Since EK's birthday takes place during the upcoming school holiday, today was the day for mr. mil10 to take a Harry Potter cupcake-cake to EK's school for an afternoon snack for EK and his classmates.

EK stood in a chair at the front of the room while the class sang happy birthday. He then had the job of separating each cupcake from the cupcake-cake and passing out a cupcake to each classmate. After passing out the first one, EK realized how messy his job would be. His fingers were covered in icing! If you were responsible for passing out cupcakes to everyone in your class and had messy fingers, what would you do? EK's solution was to lick the extra icing right off of his fingers! As gross as it seemed to me, it didn't seem to bother anyone else.

Happy birthday, EK--germs and all!

If you look closely you can see Harry Potter catching the golden snitch!

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