Saturday, December 31, 2011

Everything Old is New Again

Yesterday the mil10s traveled to Canton to see all of the crafts and wares that were being peddled at First Monday Trade Days. It was great weather for walking around and doing a lot of looking. Somewhere amongst all of the stuff, we saw a typewriter. EK was pretty sure he needed one. We talked him out of it because they were pretty proud it.

You may be wondering why a ten year old would be wanting an old fashioned typewriter. Never mind that the boy has fairly constant access to multiple computers and laptops, he was sure that he needed a typewriter so that he could write super hero stories.

After contacting someone about keeping an eye open for an inexpensive but working typewriter at estate sales, we were soon contacted that there was an old typewriter available for our use! This morning we went to Baby b's and Auntie M's to pick it up.

 EK was so excited to have a typewriter that he carried it all the way home. He didn't want to let it out of his hands.

The first thing that EK "had to" type was a thank you letter.

This was the first thing that he wanted to type.

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  1. We also wondered why he wanted a typewriter. Hope he is enjoys it! I also saw one at Canton. It was pretty cool looking but for $120! Wholly cow!