Sunday, January 29, 2012

How the mil10s Eat Chinese Food

Here in Hometown, Texas there is really only one *real* place to eat Chinese food. There are imitators and there are buffets, but they don't compare. When the mood for Chinese food strikes, we always order the same thing. One almond chicken lunch special. It is a classic.

For the mil10s, it is always a to-go order. It would look too weird if we tried to eat it at the restaurant. Why? Let's see. First mrs. mil10 doesn't eat Chinese food other than the fried wonton. EK usually shares some of mr. mil10's rice and almond chicken. EK usually gets the egg roll, too. We are not sure that he would eat any of it if he knew what it really was, so we don't talk about it much other than having to say, "just eat it" or "you always eat the pieces that look like that." EK really does like it, but we want to keep it that way. We can't let him over analyze what he is eating. That leaves the hot and spicy soup for mr. mil10 as well as the rest of the rice, almond chicken, and any egg roll that EK may not have finished.

That leaves the fortune cookie for the end. Today EK broke the cookie and read the fortune, but we have all had turns. We all usually end up with at least part of the cookie. Since we are sharing the meal and the cookie, does that mean we all share the fortune?

There you have it. For us "Chinese food" consists of one meal from one restaurant shared three ways. Now you know how the mil10s eat Chinese food.

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