Saturday, January 24, 2009

Germ Quiz

Germ bugs have hit the mil10 house. However, they will not prevail! Modie shared a germ quiz with us today that she saw on a recent episode of Live! with Regis and Kelly. It was fun, so why not share it here?

1. How many surfaces does the average person touch in 30 minutes?
a. 10
b. 40
c. 100
d. 300

2. Of your personal items, most germs can be found on
a. Mascara
b. Face Powder
c. Lipstick
d. Hair Brush

3. Most germs enter your body through
a. Eyes
b. Mouth
c. Skin

4. Which has more germs?
a. Women’s hands
b. Men’s hands
c. Dog’s paws

5. More than a quarter of all colds are passed by what?
a. Kissing
b. Someone sneezing in close proximity
c. Hand contact

6. What is considered the job with the most germs in America?
a. Truck driver
b. Garbage man
c. Teacher
d. Custodial worker

7. What percentage of Americans doesn’t wash their hands when leaving the restroom?
a. 12%
b. 27%
c. 33%
d. 58%

8. Where do the most common germs lurk in the kitchen?
a. Countertops
b. Sponge or dishcloth
c. Cutting board
d. Refrigerator door handle

9. How many species of microbe live in the human mouth?
a. 5
b. 50
c. 500
d. More than 700

10. Germs can escape a flushing toilet and contaminate things in the bathroom—such as toothbrushes.
a. True
b. False

11. What is the best place for your toothbrush?
a. The medicine cabinet
b. On top of the toilet
c. On the bathroom sink
d. Near a window

12. Which is usually the most contaminated object in a hotel room?
a. Remote control
b. Toilet seat and handle
c. Doorknobs within the room

13. Which of these classroom surfaces has the most bacteria?
a. Water Fountain
b. Doorknob
c. Computer Keyboard

Answers will follow!

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