Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love is in the Air

Well, we have spent the day with EK creating his Valentine gifts for his "GFF." As he tells it that means Girl Friend Forever. We had already purchased a little Valentine gift for R. Usually he gets her a Valentine stuffed animal. This morning we found out that Home Depot was having Kid Workshop Day, and they would be making jewelry boxes with a heart on the lid. Of course, I was hoping he would want to create the box for me, his sweet mom. When asked who the box was for he replied, "my girlfriend, R." I should have known.

It is so neat to see how they act with each other. They have been great friends since they were little toddlers in the nursery together. It reminds me of another little boy and girl I used to know. I wonder if their story will turn out the same.

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  1. I remember that little boy & girl! So sweet. And if you're able to pick your own daughter-in-law, then R is definitely a prize!