Thursday, May 7, 2009

As I sit here in the movie theater waiting to see the new Star Trek movie, I am reminded of a recent adventure experienced by the mil10 family.

There is a commercial for a nearby facility that hosts birthday parties while children play on an assortment of inflatables--bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses. We were there on the weekend that the Dallas Cowboys' practice facility collapsed due to high winds. I use that description because you may have heard about it in the news lately. I will talk more about that later.

We knew that there was a possibility of rain. In fact, I was at the event because I could not, despite my very sincere efforts, mow the yard due to the rain. We were all going to the birthday together.

We had been there a while when we saw the weather begin to worsen. We saw the skies darken. We saw all the ominous clouds rolling in. We heard the rain. I have not mentioned that we were in a metal building. Just a few steel beams and a few sheets of metal were protecting us from the weather outside. Several of us began to look for a weather update on our cell phones. We knew it was getting bad. Then it got worse!

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