Monday, May 25, 2009

We are still here!

As you can see blog posting has not been happening lately. One post in May and I was only able to post that one as I sat in a movie theater waiting to see Star Trek (the first time!). I did not even finish the story that I started in that post. May is likely one of the busiest times in the mil10 house, followed by August. Why May? May picks up where April left off. In April Mr. and Mrs. mil10 are finishing out the month making final preparations planning for and administering the much loved (sure!) TAKS test to both of our campuses. Then May begins. Mother's Day, field days, awards assemblies, field trips, and parties. In addition, with baseball season in full swing during May, we have practice two nights a week and a game on Saturday. Don't forget to mow the yard once a week. Whew! That is a lot of activity. Not that we are busier that anyone else, we just have not had a lot of time for blogging.

Today is Memorial Day. We celebrated the day and took time to remember those that have given their lives serving our country with a pool party at Meem's and Peep's house. What a great time. The weather could not have been better. Three games of pool volleyball kept everyone engaged and having fun. Everyone contributed and brought different foods. Burgers, BBQ chicken, and mixed vegetables were cooked on the grill. Kara brought cupcakes - lots of cupcakes. She was inspired by a picture in a magazine she saw in a store recently. At the end of the day, there were still many cupcakes.Shannon brought banana pudding with a twist. Instead of using Nilla Wafers, she used Nutter Butter cookies. Everything tastes better with a little peanut butter! Modie made brownines that EK and I decorated with frosting and sprinkles.It is always fun to have a pool party. Food, fellowship, and family. They go together as well as red, white, and blue!

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  1. Weeeeeeeeee are the champions, weeeeeeeeee are the champions. Congratulations John Michael, Malia and Kara for a hard fought victory in volleyball.