Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cute Cupid Cake

Just before Valentine's our church sponsors an annual child/adult event called "Baking with a Buddy."  Last year we made a mailbox cake.  This year Edie found another great cake idea.  It was actually a cupcake design that we enlarged for a round cake.  The design won EK's approval.

This year we had several "buddies" to work on the cake.  Peeps always helps, but this year a friend from church joined us in the project as well.  We brought our cake and were soon ready with all of the materials to decorate.  EK and Sydney worked with Peeps to come up with a method for making and attaching the wings while JMM began the icing.  EK and Sydney took care of the hair with Rice Krispies cereal.  A few touches later and Cupid was ready to give away his heart! 

Peeps and EK work with marshmallows to make wings.

Working in gloves was not easy.

The cereal needed a little help sticking to the cake!

Three happy faces!


  1. Those gloves WERE hard to work with, weren't they?! But it didn't hinder the mil10s creativity! Awesome cupid.