Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Much Fun!

According to Dallas Morning News, we are in the midst of some record breaking weather.  It was a regular school day for all of the mil10s, not that it was easy.  Snow was already falling before we left the house in the morning. 

mrs. mil10 spent a significant amount of time outside with a coworker.  They even threw snowballs at fellow teachers as they arrived at school!  At the end of the school day, EK spent plenty of time outside at Modie's, visiting cousin Mackenzie, back at Modie's, and then back at home.

See how much snow is on the bushes now?  It snowed ALL day!

Baby Mac's first time in the snow.  Justin and Shannon were hoping to take her out once it stopped snowing, but that never happened.

Back at Modie's for a family meal.  EK tried sliding down the hill on cardboard and in a plastic tub.  Neither method really worked, but he still had fun.  It is getting darker now.

Back at our house the guys built a snowman after dark.  Who does that?  Our neighbors do--they were in their front yard building a snowman at the same time.

Our snowman didn't last long.  We tried putting him back together.  Let's see how long that lasts!

After all of the playtime in the snow, it was time for snow ice cream!  mr. mil10's family made it a few times (we don't get that much snow!) when he was a child.  If we were going to do it for EK, this was the time.  EK helped oversee the mixing of the ingredients.

Not my best handwriting!

Snow ice cream in progress.

EK sneaks some snow.

Ready to enjoy!  Yum!

The snow ice cream was delicious!  A first time experience for EK and mrs. mil10, but they must have liked it.  We have our bowl out to catch some more snow for tomorrow's sweet treat.  It was about this time that EK learned that there would be no school tomorrow!  The night was full of excitement.  Yeah!  We had to finish the evening with a breathing treatment.  While being read to, EK finally caved and gave into his exaustion.  It is a rare occasion that EK falls asleep early, much less while someone is reading to him.  It's ok.  I think it was because he had snow much fun today!

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