Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Adventure: Drive-In Theatre

We have discussed going to a drive-in theater for some time. This week during Spring Break we did just that. mrs. mil10 did the research on the Galaxy Drive-In Theatre in Ennis. Two movies for only six dollars seemed like a good deal. Also, there is miniature golf available if we arrived early enough. Since we were expecting good weather, why not make this a spring break adventure?

Finding the drive-in was not difficult. Actually we arrived early enough for a dinner and ice cream at Braum's. We don't make a habit of frequenting hometown's Braum's location, so we thought we would give this location shot. It was pretty good. As always, miniature golf was a must. Not really for the challenging course or for the elaborate scenery, but for the fun family competition that ensues. This time there was only a nine point difference between the highest score and the lowest score! EK has really picked up his game.

There was nothing fancy here.

First we saw Alice in Wonderland. Although we had seen Alice in 3D on opening weekend, this was a new dimension seeing it at the drive-in. EK, mrs. mil10 and mr. mil10 sat outside in front of the car. Modie and Grams were inside listening over the car radio. I enjoyed seeing Alice the second time because I felt like I could take time to laugh out loud without missing portions of the dialogue.

After an intermission we saw When in Rome. It was a silly movie about finding love. It had gotten much colder so we were all inside for this movie.

Two movies and a long drive make for a late evening! We finally made it home about 1:30 a.m. Guess who slept in the next day?

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  1. you guys have the greatest adventures! Neat place and super cool pics!