Sunday, March 7, 2010

Straight from EK's Pencil

EK recently brought home his journal from school. This one was started at the beginning of second grade and it is now filled with his thoughts and ideas. It is fun to see what he was thinking, although sometimes I wonder, “What was he thinking?” I thought it would be fun to share some of his unedited writing here. The entries below are a sampling of entries pulled chronologically starting from the beginning of the year. Dates are provided where he used them. Enjoy.

I have always wanted to… Eat the bigest choclet bar in the world and I hope I burp so loud that way evry one in the world thout it wan an earthcwake.

If I had 3 wishes… I would wish for choclet, DS and a fourth dog. I would have so much fun with my dog and DS. I don’t have a DS. That would be good.

10-21-09: My favorite sport is baseball. I like to slide to home plate. I’m a good player. Baseball ROCKS!

10-26-09: I like shopping for Legos. You can build anything with Legos. My Dad mad a castel with a working draw bridge. I can build a sword. I’m not as good as my Dad.

My house is… Fun to play at. Also it is kind of small. But I don’t care. I like it. My house has a lot of doors.

A chore I hate most is whyping dog poop off my porch. It is growdy. But it is kind of fun.

11-12-09: I can’t imagine living without food. I love food. I like to make chip sandwiches. They are yummy. And jell-o sandwiches. There even better than chip sandwiches.

For Thanksgivng I’m going to Disney world. I’ll have a blast. I whish I could let the hole class come. But it would cost to much money.

12-14-09: I would love to meet Broca Boma because he’s the president. Also mabe sleep there. But that would never happen.

12-17-09: If I found a reindeer… I would punch it. Also I would get a gun and shut it. If it was not one of santa’s reindeer.

1-5-10: If I saw a penguin I would punch it that way it could chase m and I would run home with the penguin.

1-12-10: I wish my school had choclet fountaing instead of water fountains. But every body would be at them and I would never get a turn.
Breakfast is an important meal because I get ROOT BEER to drink! Also sometimes diet root beer. But at least it is not real beer. Even though I should have milk.

My favorite song is Jail house rock because Elvis sings it. I love to listen to that song like crazy. But it’s a good thing it’s on my ipod.
There you have it. A second grader’s perspective of everything that matters! I can’t read what he has written when he bring home the next journal.


  1. That cracks me up! Love it!

  2. Oh my word~he's such a mess! I love that little guy =)