Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring is Here

Any Texan knows that it really isn't spring until you can stop and take your child's pictures in the bluebonnets.  After this week's torrential rain, there won't be much time before the state flower is overrun with weeds and other wildflowers.  We didn't pass on tonight's opportunity to take pictures.

As you know, for the mil10s taking pictures in the bluebonnets can be quite an experience!  Unusually there are tears, a loss of patience, use of threatening and bribing and other less than desirable activities involved when we take pictures.  All in all, however, it is a great opportunity for making memories.  Take a walk down memory lane and you will have a perspective why we even shared the pictures below.

"Oh, the sun!"


"Open you eyes when I count to three."  At least he was smiling.

"Can we stop now?"

This picture really captures how EK was really trying to pose well, smile for, and look at the camera.  He really was trying.

Perhaps if I zoom out further, no one will notice that EK's eyes are closed.  Perhaps not!

No tears here!

 This one is a keeper!

This one is nice!

After loading back into the car, EK quickly proclaimed that this is one tradition that he will not continue with his family.  He insisted that traditions should be something that the entire family enjoys.  "We will do stuff like Waffle Wednesdays and Fajita Fridays," he said! Fajita Fridays?  Hmmm.  He may be on to something!

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