Friday, March 20, 2009

Five Years and Two Days Later

Dallas Zoo - 2004

Dallas Zoo - 2009

Dallas Zoo - 2004

Dallas Zoo - 2009

"Officials at the Dallas Zoo are trying to determine how a 300-pound gorilla escaped from its cage Thursday, sending zoo visitors scurrying for safety.The animal injured four people, including a toddler, before being shot and killed by police."

March 18, 2004 [source]

Thankfully we were not there that day! However, we were there the day preceding the gorilla escape and attack. We have always been thankful we avoided the incident. Five years and two days later we returned to the Dallas Zoo. As you can see in the photos above, little has changed in the time since our original visit. However, EK's level of involvement and interest were definitely higher.

The Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo is a major attraction with the exhibits that allow for interaction and learning. At the Discovery House EK had the opportunity to pet a snake. Although I cannot remember the specific variety, it was definitely not something I would want to have sitting in my lap like the animal handler.

Also in the children's zoo is Travis & Zach’s Birds Landing, an aviary, with more than 20 species of friendly birds to feed. The zoo says that birds are chosen from all around the world for their people-friendly personalities. EK would beg to differ. After paying $1 for a cup of four live worms, he walked about the aviary unsure about the whole birds-getting-too-far-into-my-personal-space situation. After accidentally spilling his worms once, I picked them up and put them back into the plastic cup. Still unsure of the whole thing, I showed him how to hold a worm in my hand and let the bird get it out my palm. Not really sure about it, EK decided to hold the cup within the bird's reach and let the bird help himself to the worm while still in the cup. Now we know why birds don't eat out of cups. It is a little difficult. EK decided at that point to throw the worm onto the ground in front of the bird. The bird quickly ate the worm but I suppose it was not content with just four worms. It approached EK and pecked him on the leg as if he was asking for more. This bird was certainly not displaying its people-friendly personality. This was surely not a situation out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, but it was was a little traumatic for EK.
He recovered after a bit. Who knew you would be pecked by birds expressing dissatisfaction with the zoo approved four worm diet? Is that an assumption you should make upon entering an aviary? Indeed we will consider this in the future.

The remainder of the day remained uneventful, from dining on site (free refills all day during your visit!) to the monorail ride through the Wilds of Africa.

From the largest outdoor floral display in the Southwest, to the largest biological experience in Texas, it has been a big Spring Break!

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  1. Love the Then & Now pics! Hate the creepy. Poor EK.