Saturday, March 28, 2009

Texas Tradition

Today we completed an annual Texas tradition. We took EK's picture while he was sitting in a field of bluebonnets. For the mil10s it has become something we do every year. Once the first signs of spring begin to appear, we keep a eye open for a good photo location. Which area will be best? Beside a roadside park? Just off the shoulder of a busy road? On a farm road that may be a little out of the way? Depending on weather and growing conditions the location can change year to year. This year we spotted a new location that fit the bill as a perfect location - large clump of flowers and a safe area for parking the car. We spied the picture spot this morning on the way to meet friends at their house. You see, we were going to Rebecca's gymnastic meet. Over eighty young gymnasts rotated through the floor exercise, vault, bars, and the beam. Following the competition we had a nice meal at On the Border. What fun. Before going home we stopped at the bluebonnet patch we found earlier in the day. Sure it was only fifty degrees. Yes, we are under a wind advisory. Sure the ground would probably be muddy due to all of the recent rain. But there was one factor that made it a great day for taking a picture. Clouds. This was the first year we were really able to take the pictures on a cloudy day. Usually we have to fight the sun's bright light. Mix this with EK's sensitivity to the sun and his inability to take the picture while keeping his eyes open, and you have photographers that loose their patience resulting in photos of a crying child. Today was different.

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