Tuesday, March 17, 2009

View From the Back Porch

Today was day two of Spring Break, or day four if you decide to count the preceding weekend. However, spring does not officially arrive until Friday. Today is also St. Patrick's Day. It seemed strange seeing everyone wearing green at Pizza Hut today. But even more strange were the two shamrock stickers our waitress was wearing beneath the outer corner of each eye. Not for me. We celebrate St. Patrick's Day by wearing green and trying to not to get pinched by another family member.
This afternoon was time for work in the mil10 home. After mowing and weed eating (I think the weed eating was needed more than the mowing), Mrs. mil10 asked if we should go ahead and plant flowers in the pots that are scattered around the front sidewalk and back patio. Why not? It seemed like as good as time as any. She and EK went to town and purchased a variety of sun loving plants.
Now we are not green-thumbed, nor do we have an elaborate garden in our backyard. We have a simple lawn and a few potted flowers for color.

We finished the evening by cooking out on the grill. We had Casey's BBQ Chicken and the mil10 version of mini burgers (bite-sized hamburgers served on dinner rolls).

Enjoy the view! Happy Spring Break everyone!

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