Sunday, September 6, 2009

An Embarrassing Moment

As we mentioned earlier, on Saturday we visited the town of Frisco to look for glasses.  In about ten days, the new glasses will be here!

Of course we could not just go to one store while at the mall, we had to pop into several stores and look for other things we could not live without.  One of our last stops was to experience the magic of Macy's.  Modie was looking for something navy blue.  jmm and modie were having trouble deciding if a particular item was navy or black.  I don't know why the department stores don't have enough lighting to distinguish the two, but come to think about it, neither does the mil10 closet!  EK was nearby, but not engaged in the color debate.  Modie and jmm would have continued to attempt to determine the color of the garment, but a loud commotion got our attention.  Looking in the area of the noise, we saw a clothing rack that had been knocked over onto it side and all of the clothes and hangers that were supposed to be hanging there were now spread across the floor. Standing next to the mess was EK!  We could tell he was startled and he said he was hurt.  He did have a red mark on his shoulder, but no blood, so jmm and modie quickly started putting the rack upright and rehanging all of the clothes.  EK said he did not know what happened.  He was just standing there and the whole thing fell over onto the floor and onto him.  A few tears were shed, but there was not much more said about the event.

It wasn't until much later over a bowl of salad and warm breadsticks that we found out what really happened.  At Olive Garden someone mentioned the commotion at Macy's.  It was then that EK started laughing and told what really happened.  You see, while modie and jmm debated between navy and black, EK decided that it would be a good idea to stand in the clothes.  My first thought was that he meant he was standing in between several of the garments that were hanging on the rack.  No.  He went on to explain that when he was standing in the clothes. He was trying to wear the jacket while it was still hanging on the rack, "like a scarecrow," he explained.  Scarecrows apparently don't belong in department stores.  Not only did the item he was playing with get messed up, the entire rack of clothes and the rack itself ended up on the floor!

Now whenever anyone asks about an embarrassing moment, EK said he will have one to share!

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