Sunday, September 6, 2009

Little House in My House

Growing up as a young boy we would regularly watch Little House on the Prairie.  It came on every day while we were at school, but the VCR was always set to record it.  Almost every evening we would catch up on the happenings of Ma, Pa, and Half-Pint, or Almanzo.  Edie also grew up as a Little House fan.  Even today we can easily relate things to the show or mention a plot point of the week and spark those old memories.  Scary, I know.

This afternoon as I was flipping channels I was surprised to stumble upon one of the Little House movies.  Aptly titled "Little House: The Last Farewell" it marked the end of the series and is memorable to me because the citizens of Walnut Grove blew up the town. 
During Charles and Caroline's visit to Walnut Grove in the year 1890, residents learn that railroad tycoon Nathan Lassiter holds deed to Hero Township... Despite their best efforts, the residents are unable to drive Mr. Lassiter away. When they attempt to resist with force, Mr. Lassiter comes back with a detachment of Union troops who order everyone to leave. Though Mr. Lassiter demands the residents' instant evacuation, the soldiers allow the residents to remain until Easter Sunday. Angered at the injustice done to them, the residents decide that they should send a (literally) explosive message to Mr. Lassiter that he can have the land, but not the town. In the end Rev. Alden says "Did you hear? Walnut Grove has not died in vain." *
You may have missed the movie, so I will share a video that someone made and posted on YouTube.  The strange thing is that they used Switchfoot's "We Are One Tonight" as the soundtrack.  I am not sure, but I don't think that the Ingalls were on Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman's mind when he wrote the song.  It makes for a fun combination.  Little House, the Union Army, window bashing, Ma with a gun, and a little rock music.  It all works together somehow.  Give it a look.

Some creative licencing was used since the town of Walnut Grove was not destroyed by its citizens in real life.  If you want to read why the filmmakers decided to destroy the town, read here.

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