Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meeting All Your Ranching Needs

Today was the grand opening celebration of Atwoods. Apparently this is the place to go if you have ANY ranching needs.  If your heart's desire is animal supplies, western wear, ranching toys, or old fashioned candy you might want to stop by for a visit.  We saw several cars that must have driven from Oklahoma. For the celebration they were giving away free tire pressure gauges.  We always manage to misplace ours, so we were very glad to get a few more.  

We were surprised to see a horse, we were told it was the world's tallest, fenced off at the end of the aisle.  How many times have you walked through a store to find a live barnyard animal? Only at Atwoods I guess. 

We left with a bag of peanuts, a wind chime, and a coonskin hat. I think we are set for a while.

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