Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let's Talk Groceries

At first glance, I guess this is a common sight in most houses.  Bring in the groceries, place them on the counter, and then hurriedly put them away before things begin to thaw or melt. 

But if you look closely, you will see that all of those sacks are different.  Now, we didn't visit each of our hometown food markets.  And a baby's teething toy.  Why is that there?  Truth be known, these are the groceries that came OUT of our refrigerator!

Since Modie was moving and had food that was perfectly fine, but did not have anywhere to keep it, we gladly took those jars of pickles, soft drinks, and other items that are better served cold and took them to our house.  Who enjoys throwing away perfectly fine individually wrapped servings of Brussels sprouts or corn? Finding room for all of those items was another story.  We had to make room.  How?  Well, as you can see, our ice box had become cold storage for a few things that we could live without.  How does the ice box (that is the mil10 word for refrigerator) become a virtual junk drawer?  Especially when we already have a real one!  How does someone let something stay around even though it expired months, or maybe even years, ago?  It is not like we are dirty people.  Our ice box doesn't even look dirty.  Sure the shelves could be wiped down a bit more occasionally, but someone would not see inside our ice box and think, "Those are some nasty people."  I hope. 

As you can see, we found several things we could live without.  Take the glow necklaces for example.  These have been in our freezer (because if you keep them there the glowing abilities are retained and you can use them again sometime, or so we were told) for so long that we don't even know where they came from.  Does butter really go bad?  Ours was past the date printed on the tub.  So was the stick of butter.  Also, how far can you go past the "best by" date?  That doesn't really mean it is expired does it? 

Our child turns eight and we are just now throwing away the teething toy.  We will see what we find in the ice box after another eight years!

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  1. Ok, ya'll are some of the "cleanest" people I know, so this makes me feel so much better about my own "ice box". The condiments always seem to take over our fridge. Really though, as long as there's room for Diet Coke, not much else matters :)

    (Love the new background)