Sunday, October 18, 2009

Out of the Pumpkin Patch

After getting home it did not take long for the mil10s to start working on their pumpkins.  mr. mil10 made two pumpkins to carry to work and display school spirit. 

ek's pumpkin is based upon the main character in Vunce Upon a Time.  The book tells the tale of "vegetarian vampire Dagmar, who prefers cherry juice to blood and tends to his moonlit vegetable patch rather than prowl. Dagmar also adores candy, and when his crops grow slowly, he craves sugary snacks, prompting a skeleton in a pirate hat to recommend a certain human holiday involving scary costumes and free treats." 

Although he went on to do more than is shown in this photograph, ek's pumpkin is still a work in progress.  We will post a picture of the final product.

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