Saturday, April 10, 2010

BIG: 150 and Our Saturday

The last blog was actually post number 150!  That is a BIG milestone. 

Today was a busy day.  It started off with a friend that had spent the night on Friday.  EK and his guest woke up at 7:00 (after staying up well past 10:00) and were ready to play the wii.  Later we made a trip to Rockwall to purchase supplies for baseball including pants, shoes, socks, and a belt.  We also had to pick up supplies for the pinewood derby racer that we will need later this week.  We bought lead weights, paint, and decals.  EK's "rocking roadster" will look great come Wednesday!  Back in Hometown, we found our favorite chicken restaurant that plays Christian music way too crowded.  We made the wise decision to eat outside.  What a great day to do that!  Our last stop before heading to the casa was the ghost town that is our local mall. 

When we got home we had some time for baseball practice.  Peeps was even able to come over to practice with EK.  There was also time for cutting and painting that block of pine wood so that it hopefully resembles a car.

We finished the night with a meal cooked on the grill.  BBQ chicken is the best when cooked over a bed of hot charcoal!  Sweet potato French fries, corn on the cob, and Blue Bell ice cream rounded out the meal.  We ate the meal off of Dallas Cowboy plates that we bought earlier (clearance!) that day at the sporting goods store.  The sales clerk asked if we were having a party for the implosion of Texas Stadium!  No, I don't think so.

It may just seem like any other Saturday, but for the mil10s Saturdays are a BIG deal.  It is a good time to rest from a busy week and have time to spend together.

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