Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BIG: Tasty Sweets

Many years ago mr. and mrs. mil10, then just newlyweds, were treated to "Family Dinner Night" by mrs. mil10s parents.  Over the years the makeup of the dinner guests may have changed.  On a few rare occasions we had to eat out due to busy schedules.  The menu changes weekly, but always consists of a home cooked meal.  However, one thing remains certain -- the good food. 

Tonight was no exception.  The "one dish dinner" was great, but mr. and mrs. milton were surprised by the two dessert options.  Iced brownies or coconut pie.  Yes, I had some of each!  Mmmm.  Modie said she stayed up past midnight the night before finishing the two treats.  She shouldn't have, but they were too good.

Thanks for your hard work, Modie!  The brownies and pie were a BIG surprise and were a great finish to a good meal and a BIG day!

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