Sunday, April 18, 2010

BIG: Playoff Spirit

Tonight mrs. mil10's favorite basketball team, the one and only Dallas Mavericks, start their playoff season.  We may not be there in person, but we are there in spirit.  Edie moves between her chair and standing in front of the TV to cheer for the Mavs while holding her green, plastic clapping hands.  In case someone wants to join in or if she tires of the green clapper the spirit drum, the blue and white Mavs logo clapper, and the "thunder sticks" are sitting in arm's reach on the fireplace hearth.

This tiki man sits in our entryway.  He is now wearing his playoff apparel.  I call it playoff apparel, because this afternoon he was still wearing his regular-season apparel.  Don't worry, we don't just dress him for the basketball games.  We are not crazy like that.  During the Christmas season he wears a Santa hat and a scarf.  He likes it!  You dress decorative statues in your home for important events or holidays, right?

Here's to BIG spirit for a (hopefully) long playoff season.  Let's go Mavs!

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