Saturday, April 3, 2010

BIG: BMX Bike Winner

Today we attended our church's Extreme Easter BMX Event.  We knew to expect a bike show and an opportunity to win one of twenty-six BMX bikes.  On our way there we talked up the likelihood that we would not win anything, but that we would still have a good time and enjoy the show.

When we visited the registration table, we were each given a bag containing a number of items, but EK was interested in finding his key.  Since we each had one, we had three chances to unlock a bike and win it. 

Immediately mr. mil10 noticed that two of our keys were blanks.  There was no jagged edge alongside these two keys.  However, the other key did have a jagged edge.  Would this be a bad key or could this possibly be a key that would unlock one of the bikes?  With EK was the key turner it did not take long to find out.  On the first bike he came to he tried one of the blanks.  No surprises here--the lock did not open.  Next he tried the key with a jagged edge.  Winner!

Immediately EK wanted to jump on and take the new bike through the parking lot.  The seat was really too high, but EK managed to find his balance and started moving.  Since this was a BMX bike, no one really thought about the brakes.  EK's bike at home stops when you move the peddles backwards.  This bike stops when you use the hand brakes on the handlebars.  Unfortunately for EK, he found out how to stop the bike by running into a dad, a toddler, and a stroller.  CRASH!  EK was as upset as the toddler that was now flat on the ground.  Oops!  I guess we'll have to work on the whole brake thing.


Don't look so nervous.  There aren't any strollers here!

Congratulations, EK.  Today you were one of the BIG winners today.  Enjoy the new BMX bike!

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