Friday, April 2, 2010

BIG: Movie Madness

Today we did something that the mil10s always enjoy doing. We found ourselves at the local movie theater. Now, if you are familiar with Hometown, Texas you are probably already asking what this has to do with the theme big. Hold on. We’ll get there.

When it was originally constructed, there were eight screens and stadium seating was not an option. Later, remodeling brought stadium seating to most screens as well as four more screens. You could say it got BIGger, but that is not what this post is really about.

Being the only theater in Hometown, and since the nearest theater is about 30 miles away, we come here quite a bit. The ticket prices are really reasonable compared to those in the metroplex. Matinee tickets are only $4 and you can go at night for $6. Also the prices at the concession stand are very reasonable (more about that in a minute). Those are the high points.

Now the low points. The theater is often understaffed. This creates long lines at the front ticket windows (if they are open--sometimes you go inside to buy tickets at the concession stand). If there is someone at the real ticket window, you may have a hard time seeing them because of all of the signs, messages, and announcements that are written on and taped to the window. Really. If you didn’t already know the show times, you will have a hard time reading them on the back wall of the ticket office due to all of the announcements that are posted. Also, you may not want to wear your flip flops if it has rained recently. Why? Even though the queue is covered, there always is an inch or so of water that you have to wade through to get to the ticket window.

After buying the tickets, we usually make our way to the concession stand. Yes, we have to plan this carefully. Today’s visit required thirty minutes, yes thirty minutes, of standing in line waiting to buy a kid’s combo and a large Coke. All four lanes were open, but the lines moves so slowly. Again, the prices are very reasonable. Once you buy your food items be prepared to squirm and wind through the lines of people that are still waiting to buy their concessions. Due to the physical layout of the lobby and concession stand area, the people waiting create snaking trails through all of the open space.

As you head to your theater you may hope to be greeted by a friendly, smiling ticket taker. If so, you are out of luck. It will probably be a grumbling, mumbling person barely uttering, “theater one is on the left” before returning your stub. Also, watch out for those dark slick spots on the carpet. I guess someone spilled a drink once upon a time, but when left there and walked upon by many people, over time it has made a large black spot on the floor. You will see several of these before you make it to your theater.

Finally you make it to your seat. Kick back and enjoy the show. You may have to worry about the cleanliness of the seats, if you worry about those kinds of things. Don’t let that distract you from watching the movie.

All in all, will we go back to the local cinema again? Sure! Is it the best? Far from it! Right now though, it is the best we have.  You kind of have to accept it for what it is and plan accordingly.

Today I dedicate this post to the madness, the BIG headache, that is our local movie theater.


  1. So, its !!:!! and I SHOULD be doing homework, but I miss my family (and I am somewhat procrastinating) and when this happens, I am led to yalls blog.. Reading this, for some odd reason, made me miss home very much!
    Hopefully I can come visit sometime soon!!

  2. Oh my word! You are so on the money with this! These are the three things I'd change if I were in charge of Hometown Cinema: 1) update the new Friday show listings on the answering machine immediately after Thursday nights' last show begins instead of after the box office opens on Friday. 2) when calling the theater, create an option for "speaking to a live person" AND add extra lines so customers don't have to call for 30 minutes before getting through; 3) Fire the webmaster the first time someone showed up for a movie for which the web posted the incorrect time....oh and accept debit cards!!!! (sorry that was 4 things)

  3. You are exactly right, Denyse! All good points!