Monday, April 19, 2010

BIG: Spell Check Checked Out

Come on Blogger.  Help me out! 

I have never been what I call a confident speller.  When I am writing, for example, if I am unsure about the proper spelling of a word, I will just rephrase the sentence in order to use a word that I am sure I will spell correctly.  I always get a little nervous when I am sitting in a meeting and the presenter asks, "Who would like to take notes for us on the board at the front of the room while we all stare at you?"  I work with educators.  Who wants to be the one that looks like a bad speller?  Then of course when typing I have fallen victim to the correctly spelled word used in the incorrect place more than my fair share.  Late night blogging to meet a midnight deadline doesn't help matters either.  I know, undoubtedly, that I could be a better proofreader, but it seems that it is always most difficult to find errors in one's own work.  After all, I know what I am trying to say.  But when I am typing, the problem should be made better with a spell check button.

Why, oh why can't there be a spell check feature?  During the previous eighteen days of blogging this has been a repeated hassle:  Type in Blogger.  Highlight text.  Copy text.  Paste in Word.  Look for misspelled words.  Change them on Blogger page.  Post blog entry.  It is a BIG bother.  Once I tried typing in Word then pasting the body of text in Blogger, but the formatting was a wreck. 

I may be alone on this issue, but I can say that I would benefit from spell check on Blogger!  It would make blogging so much easier!


  1. Ummm...I do have spell check in Blogger...

  2. Well I sure wish I did. There is no icon for spell check. Is it a conspiracy?

  3. LOL! I feel the same way..pardon my blog if ever I misspell!!! :) P.S. I sure love reading your daily happenings.