Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BIG: Something to Think About

Well, it happened.  All too soon, might I add.  After six days of not having to work too hard to find something to blog about relating to NoBloPoMo's theme of BIG, I drew a blank tonight. 

I thought about a few things that I could write about and may share later, but not tonight.  I just wasn't "feeling" writing about those topics.  Maybe later.

While looking for something to inspire me and while reading other blogs, I found a few things that got me to thinking and I found myself asking BIG questions.  First, I found a cool YouTube video about a math teacher that was having problems with his projection equipment. 

I hate it when my presentation gets the best of me!

If your BIG question is "how did he do that?" there is a tutorial video if you feel inclined to make one at home.

I also stumbled across promotional posters of Fiesta San Antonio. 

"Fiesta San Antonio started in 1891 as a one-parade event and has evolved today into one of this nation’s premier festivals with more than 100 events..."*  Fiesta 2010 is only 7 days away!  Is anyone up for a road trip?  Each year there is a new promotional poster.  I don't really know why, but I enjoyed looking at these.  My BIG question is "What would Hometown's annual poster look like?"

That's what I like about spending time on the internet.  Sometimes you see something you have never seen before, sometimes you actually learn something, sometimes you are entertained, and sometimes you start asking BIG questions.

If you find yourself asking BIG questions, don't be afraid to start looking for answers.  Sometimes you have to be the one that finds or creates the answer!

Here's to discoveries that lead to BIG questions all of the new things that BIG questions lead you to!

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