Thursday, April 8, 2010

BIG: A Night of BIGness

Tonight I went to a fund raising meeting that is centered around raising money for community projects and non-profit organizations with a musical revue.  Thanks to a friend, I realized that the evening was very much related to this month's theme!

You may have heard that everything is BIGger in Texas.  It was definitely true tonight.  The meeting was held in a committee member's home.  Just to say that the house is BIG is an understatement.  It was bigger than big.  There was a circle drive that went beneath a car port (you could have probably parked six cars beneath the covering).  The circle drive was even named!  One direction was "Nana" while the other path was "Papa."

Inside, the living and dining areas were one enormous space.  Large picture windows flanked the walls.  There were two fireplaces.  There was plenty of space for a baby grand player piano, two seating areas, three tables (the main dining table had seating for ten), two sitting areas.  The ottoman was large enough for EK to use as a bed.  And we only saw the first floor. 

The desserts served consisted of several things, but the highlight had to be the BIG pies.  The homemade coconut and chocolate pies probably had almost and inch and a half of filling and meringue that was at least two inches thick.  Mmmm.  I thought about taking a picture after I had already taken one bite of pie, but I didn't want to stop eating it long enough to do so!

The meeting was called to order by someone wearing a BIG hat.  Not just a hat, it was really a BIG hat.  Think of a hat with a brim about the size of a sombrero's brim.  Paint it black.  Now cover it in feathers.  No, it wasn't as tacky as you are picturing in your mind right now.  It looked better.  Put it on the right person in the right setting, and it would never look out of place.

There was BIG business to discuss as we voted on this year's beneficiary after listening to two presentations.

Thanks to a friend with a BIG heart for the ride there and back. Also, thanks for helping me to notice all of the night's BIGness!

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