Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BIG: Small World

EK had a project for his Awana class at church.  We learned about the Everett family through a mutual friend at HTBC.  It may be a BIG planet, but it is a small world!  Thank you to the missionaries that are spreading the Good Word!

Things EK does at Awana

EK's letter to the Everetts

The Everett family has a blog at http://everetthome.blogspot.com/.  Give it a look and see what they are doing in Taiwan.

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  1. Wow! This is so great! Thanks so much for posting this for us to see. And thanks to EK for the letter and for praying for us. We appreciate the prayers a lot! Know that by praying for us and the people we work with, you are having a direct part in the Lord's work in East Asia. Prayer is the most important thing m's need!

    We don't post much work-related stuff on our blog for secur. reasons, but if you're interested in receiving our newsletter, you can email us at mikeandmorgan @ hotmail . com (remove spaces).

    Thanks again!