Sunday, April 4, 2010

BIG: Easter Lunch

It's an annual Easter tradition to host Easter lunch at the mil10 home. Although as a reader, you cannot fully enjoy the food we ate, here is the Easter 2010 menu. It was a BIG meal for a BIG day.

Coke ham
Modie’s Yukon gold mashed potatoes
Modie’s potato salad
Green beans with sliced potatoes (I think somebody likes potatoes!)
Bush’s baked beans
English peas
Gram’s corn salad
Bread and butter pickles (bought at Atwood’s)
Candied jalapeños
Buttered rolls
Carrot sticks
Deviled eggs
 The deviled eggs looked like chicks. 
I see one winking at you!
For dessert:
Peach cobbler
Bunny cake (Modie baked; mr. mil10 decorated)
Would you like a blue bunny or a pink bunny?

I think I included everything, but I could have missed something.

I can’t think of a better time to get together than to celebrate our risen Lord! Happy Easter!

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